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Hervé Jézéquel

b. 1967

Hervé Jézéquel was born in 1967 and lives in Paris. He studied scientific and technical photography at Paris VIII University.  Since 1987, he has been working for the Ministry of Culture, for which he has participated in a number of ethnological projects.

Jézéquel teaches photography at the National School of Architecture in Paris-La Villette. For the past twenty years, his work has focused on the concepts of ruined architecture and landscape, questioning the place and its function. He has also curated several exhibitions at the National Museum of Folk Art and Traditions as well as at the Marquèze, the Parc Régional Naturel des Landes de Gascogne and the Aquitaine Regional Museum in Bordeaux.

Jézéquel currently works with a 4 x 5 inch or 6 x 6 cm analogue camera with silver film. He produces his own black and white prints and colour proofs. Some of his pictures are produced on digital c-print or inkjet processes on archival paper and using pigment ink.

Baramor (Sea Bread), #35

Group Exhibitions

  1. Turner & Jézéquel 5 March - 11 April 2014