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Ruth Duckworth - 2015 Solo Exhibition

10 September - 2 October 2015

Erskine, Hall & Coe is pleased to present an exhibition of over twenty works by acclaimed ceramic artist, Ruth Duckworth.  The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with an introduction by Thea Burger, who had worked with Ruth for over twenty-five years.



Ruth seldom drew her pieces prior to creating something. She would come into her studio in the morning and begin what she called, “playing”.  She would just begin making a form, experimenting with it continually until, as she used to say, “it would make me smile”.  Then she knew she was on to something and she would complete the piece.

The variety of art works she created sometimes bewildered many of the collectors and curators who followed her work. They were mystified by the range of the creations that came from her studio.  She loved developing new shapes and forms, and it was truly amazing the variety of work that she was able to produce.

This exhibition gives some sense of the variety.  Chosen from her personal collection, most of the pieces were favourites of Ruth’s.  Some have been exhibited in museums, but they were always returned to her home for her to enjoy.  She loved the beauty of them and they made her life complete.

Thea Burger, 2015