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Shozo Michikawa - 2013 Solo Exhibition

6 November - 4 December 2013

Erskine, Hall & Coe is pleased to present a new exhibition by esteemed artist Shozo Michikawa comprising of 40 new works, demonstrating his ingenuity, dexterity and mastery of clay.

The exhibition will be installed by Shozo Michikawa, and will include an Ikebana arrangement that will be composed by Ikebana master, Koho Wada.



Each one of these pots is a marriage of the material worked by Shozo Michikawa, and then shaped, coloured, twisted, sliced and pierced. Some have height and others stay earthborn. Some are touching, carrying an emotion, or attracting the hand and eye, and so asking to be lifted and closely viewed. 

Here time present and time past, have come together. An inheritance is clear, but so is freshness of the new. The East has come to the West – a most serendipitous union.

Nature is the source of Michikawa’s pots. As is natural he takes what is at hand, reworks it and creates a new generation. On show, are the children and grandchildren of his previous works. Here is the familiar, enlivened by his fresh inventions, his dancing wit and his deep reverence for the past. The colours, warmth-in-tone, seem placed without serious premeditation. And yet we know, they are as the potter decreed, subject always to nature herself. Michikawa claims little credit for himself. He finds inspiration without searching, as surely as the sun rises.

-Angus Stewart