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Genta Ishizuka & Shozo Michikawa Shortlisted for the LOEWE Craft Prize 2019

We are delighted to announce that Shozo Michikawa and Genta Ishizuka have been shortlisted for this year's LOEWE Craft Prize. 

One of the highlights of our exhibition program last year was Genta Ishizuka's first solo show in Europe, which was very well received and held in association with ArtCourt Gallery in Osaka. More information about this show can be found here

Shozo Michikawa has a long history of exhibiting at the Royal Arcade.  First with Galerie Besson, and then with Erskine, Hall & Coe.  We were the first gallery to host work from his 2005 Forbidden City exhibition from Beijing, and also to hold an exhibition celebrating his 40 years of being a ceramic artist.  We currently have a collection of his work on display in recognition of his recent birthday.

The LOEWE Craft Prize 2019 exhibition will take place at Sogetsu Kaikan in Tokyo, Japan, from 26 June to 22 July.  For more information, including the full list of finalists, can be viewed on the LOEWE foundation website, here

Images of submitted works are illustrated here and are courtesy of the Loewe Foundation:

Top - Shozo Michikawa, Tanka with Silver, 2018, Stoneware, silver liquid glaze, 19.6 x 19.2 x 35 cm

Bottom - Genta Ishizuka, Surface Tactility #11, 2018, Urushi, styrene foam balls, two-way tricot, linen cloth, 67 x 66 x 84 cm

Images from LOEWE Foundation





loewe craft prize 2019 Shozo Michikawa silver tanka loewe craft prize 2019 Gental Ishikuza 01