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Miki Tomii

b. 1997

Born in Yamagata, Japan, Miki Tomii studied Glass at Akita University of Art, and completed a Master’s degree in Glass Art at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music in 2022.  She is currently enrolled in a Glass course at the Seto Ceramics and Glass Art Center.

“I am making works where I can feel the "energy" from the decaying appearance, the traces that existed there, and other new life forms. By looking at my work, I would like you to be interested in things that have "life" around you, such as plants and animals. And I hope it will be an opportunity to reconfirm that we are surrounded by many lives and are living while being involved. I often get inspiration from things and things around me. I interpret the impressions and feelings I had when I saw something, and the things that inspired me to think, and replace them with works. By doing so, I think that the "energy" that I felt from there will be felt in my work.” — Tomii


Group Exhibitions

  1. Japanese Ceramics 20 September - 5 October 2023