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Yukito Nishinaka

b. 1964

Yukito Nishinaka was born in the Wakayama Prefecture in Japan in 1964, and he studied sculpture and glass at California College of the Arts in Oakland, California.

Nishinaka is a glass artist who is particularly interested in having his vessels used in the Japanese tea ceremony.

"The concept of my work, ‘YO BI TSU GI’ is rebirth. ‘YO BI TSU GI’ is the traditional restoring technique for the ceramic tea bowl. Traditionally, Urushi lacquer was used as glue to join the damaged parts together and finished with gold leaf, thus enhancing the broken parts with a renewed charm. I join my glass parts together using molten glass to create an image of ‘Kimono’.  Finally, I have reproduced my glass ‘YO BI TSU GI’ as my own interpretation to emphasise and harmonise the Japanese sense of beauty." -- Nishinaka


Yobitsugi 'Benihomura'

Group Exhibitions

  1. Japanese Wonder 14 - 31 July 2020