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Machiko Ogawa - 2016 Solo Exhibition

8 June - 3 July 2016

Erskine, Hall & Coe is pleased to announce that we will host Machiko Ogawa's first ever exhibition in Europe, which will comprise of 27 outstanding pieces by this acclaimed Japanese artist.  The show will be open until the 3rd of July.

Ogawa works with porcelain, silica sand, Feldspar and earthenware, and draws her influence from her travels and fascination with fossils, minerals and the earth.  She has explored many diverse places including subsaharan Africa and South America.

"It is my passion for the earth that drives my continual search for the essential in art.  The vessel form, with both interior and exterior space, enables me to best pursue this quest--it is not about making vases.  Rather, I am inspired by the concept of emptiness within the whole.  It is in the dialogue between form and void that I find artistic freedom." --Machiko Ogawa

A catalogue accompanying the exhibition is available and includes an essay by Issey Miyake.

"I feel overwhelmed by her tremendous spirit when I look at some of the work that will be shown in London.  Delicate jade-color glazes that remain in the bottom of bowls that look like broken shards of ancient earthenware; and that suggest the deposition of memories and time." --Issey Miyake

Further information about Machiko Ogawa can be found on her artist page.