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Shozo Michikawa

29 January - 5 February 2021

Erskine, Hall & Coe are delighted to present a week-long, online exhibition of five new works by Shozo Michikawa to coincide with the artist's birthday on the 29th of January.

Shozo Michikawa and Yuki Tsuji collaborated together at the end of last year in Sasama, Japan, bringing together the ceramics of Michikawa with the ikebana artistry of Tsuji.  Photography of this collaboration is included within the exhibition.

Michikawa has said of Tsuji, "He studied the traditional way for ikebana but he made new styles by himself, artistic, innovative, strong.... I feel the same is true for my works. I did not change my work but it was a good combination to work with him."

Tsuji has said of Michikawa's work, "It was my privilege working with Shozo-san. In general, neither pottery nor Ikebana, the art which I represent, gets focused in the process of making. However, our collaboration was about the process and capturing of the living moment. I believe we share a mutual passion in presenting new aspects of Japanese artisan and finesse. I look forward to our next project together."

The five pieces in the exhibition were made at the end of 2020 from either Shigaraki clay or clays from Seto and Mino that Michikawa mixed himself.

'Iron Matte Glaze with Natural Ash, Sculptural Form,' illustrated on the right (SHM-0291), features unusual green tones along its black surface. These tones are the result of pine ash reacting to the glaze in the Anagama kiln. Michikawa calls this colour 'miracle green.' It is the fortuitous result of the interaction between the glaze and the firing process. It cannot be controlled or predicted and is incredibly rare.

To learn more about Yuki Tsuji, please view this video about his work, here


Photography with Ikebana: Yamato Ikehara