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Glass, Textiles, Lacquer & Ceramic

31 October - 21 November 2018

The artistic invention and technical achievement of contemporary Japanese applied arts is astonishing. The dedication of its practitioners in the pursuit of excellence builds on a long tradition of craftsmanship - Katie Jones 

Katie Jones and Erskine, Hall & Coe are pleased to present an exhibition of works in different media from contemporary Japanese artists. 

The show consists of impressive new Glass sculpture by Ritsue Mishima.

Dramatic Indigo dyed textiles by Shihoko Fukumoto

A large Urushi lacquer sculpture by Toshimasa Kikuchi.   

These will be presented with a collection of ceramic tea bowls by Hiro AjikiRyoji Koie, Shozo Michikawa, Yasuhisa Kohyama, Tatsuzo Shimaoka and Shiro Tsujimura.